Friday, May 20, 2011

Proven Signs of a Profitable Storage Unit Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Proven Signs of a Profitable Storage Unit

Well Packed, Neatly Stacked Items in Back of Unit • Quality of Storage Container/Packaging • Quality of Furniture

Proven Signs of a Good Unit…

Assume nothing! The best units will be loaded with neatly packed boxes and antiques. This is always a good sign–but don’t overlook the less obvious signs.

Consider How People Pack…

Most people will pack with the best stuff on the deep end of the unit. Look deep into the unit for boxes carefully hidden deep in the back.

1. Use your flashlight carefully, examine every inch. Look for something like a corner of a tote or a bunch of boxes concealed by a mattress or a couch.

2. Absolutely don’t express excitement. Keep your discoveries to yourself–Loose lips sink ships, and that’s what will raise the bids–Guaranteed!

3. The quality of storage container/packaging will often give you a sign as to what’s in it. People will normally spend money on plastic storage boxes for things that they care about the most. In most cases, packing in totes rather than corrugated boxes would indicate something of value that they care more about–This is not the rule but something to consider as the bid goes higher.

Observe the Quality of Furniture and

Other Visible Items in the Unit…

This will give you a clue to the type of person who owned the unit. It’s okay to be judgmental. It’s your money that you are betting on the unit. As with anything else, with practice and time you will have a real good idea on what items you can sell, who to sell them to – and, how much to charge.

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